Studio 528

by Marko & Peter




We believe that you should do what you believe, no matter what. We believe in the power of heart, visions and dreams. Vibration of 528Hz represents the frequency central to the “musical mathematical matrix of creation.” More than any sound previously discovered, the “LOVE frequency” resonates at the heart of everything. It connects your heart, your spiritual essence, to the spiraling reality of heaven and earth. It is a frequency of love between the two of you and love that permeates our work.

At Studio528 we work with passion, love and devotion. It’s a great honor for us to be next to you at the most important moments in your life.

Follow the frequency of love.

Marko & Peter, Paris, May 13th, 2016



Beautiful things don’t ask for attention

By Marko Banjac


At Studio528 we work with passion, love and devotion. It’s a great honor for us to be next to you at the most important moments in your life. We take this responsibility very seriously and we will work tirelessly to justify your trust. We are professional, reliable and very discreet. Your trust is so important because it allows us to work with passion, love and uncompromising dedication. It allows us to do what we believe in!

So how do we do it? There are two of us: a photographer and a moviemaker. We have top-end photo and video equipment (including back-up cameras and lenses) and a lot of experience. On the wedding day we are in action all the time because it’s the only way to capture the magic in both little and big moments, tears, smiles, cheers and dance moves… While doing so, we remain as unnoticeable as possible – we are fully aware that this is your special day and you guys are the stars! We also work very hard to make sure we capture the spirit of your style and taste. We are aware that the love of each couple is very special and so each wedding is unique.  The same goes for our work -every couple gets a custom tailored magic!

What do we offer? In our packages just about anything you can think of can be found. Let’s discuss about what would be the right flavor for you: on our first meeting, we’ll talk about you, your style and preferences, engagement sesh and the wedding day plans and many more things. We’ll also ask a bunch of questions, so don’t be surprised! And you will shine for the first time in front of the camera on the location of your choice on the engagement session: maybe at your home, or the place where you met each other for the first time, or maybe at the bottom of the sea, in the mountains or at the top of the Eiffel Tower, whichever special spot you prefer, we are equally comfortable anywhere!

We love weddings and can not imagine a more beautiful job than recording it for the couple to enjoy it for many years to come. We want to capture all the unique moments of the wedding day and this is why we have specialized in full-day reportage style. In this way, we can document the stories of your most beautiful day in a natural way, as they unfold throughout the day.


For you as a bridal couple, the wedding day is a very special day full of emotions, small and big moments. Your wedding photos and films will capture these moments and make it unforgettable for you. The excitement, the laughter, the joyous tears, the little affections – they all make your wedding unique. With our pictures and films you should be able to experience this day again and again in its special atmosphere. We will do our best to give you valuable and lasting memories!

We usually start with the getting ready: hair, make-up and dressing. We will not direct you and in this way disturb the course of your celebration. Moreover, we document the big and little moments of your special day as cautiously and as naturally as possible, capturing all the unique moments as they happen. We accompany your celebration inconspicuously and photograph/film the many small moments beside the fixed points (reception, wedding ceremony, group photos, etc.) and consider these as a unique kind of memories. We also pay attention to the decoration and details. We will be part of the wedding company which allows us to create also natural portraits from your guests.

The portraits of the two of you are done outdoors in the vicinity of the wedding celebrations. We usually determine appropriate locations for this before the wedding. In the ideal case, you can plan 60-90 minutes for the photoshoot/filmshoot. Even when we lead you through the shooting, it is always with fun and the spontaneity in mind. The best time for photoshoot is in the late afternoon, when the light is at its best. Golden hour rules!


An important (and much much longer!) part of our work then takes place in our studio office –  the manual editing of your pictures and videoclips! All photos are professionally reworked, colored and cut in our style and get their own individual look. Besides the color photos, you can also enjoy timeless Black&White shots, especially if you state your preference for them.

As for the films, Peter selects the best clips and edits them into a movie that shows emotional fingerprint and spirit of your special day. Music, which plays very important role in the film, is always carefully selected and individually fitted to the couple’s energy and taste. Please trust us with music choices- you might get pleasantly surprised!

Marko says: When I can, I like to edit photos very slowly and thoroughly. I like to allow the photos to rest for a while in a computer and live their own lives – I somehow imagine they talk to each other, exchanging stories, sharing light and lines. I can almost always find some aspect of the photo that can be better: brush stroke here, a little cut there. Its never-ending story.

A photo gallery will also be available on our website and could be locked with a magic word, if you prefer. Video will be uploaded to the portal Vimeo, and can also be locked.


We also offer a variety of photobooks and hand made wooden boxes for them. The pages of the Art album are handmade in high-quality paper printed on silk paper and hard pages in Portugal, so you can enjoy your pictures in the best possible quality and show them to your loved ones. This book has a flat binding with white leather cover and embossing. It can be delivered in an elegant wooden box that we manufacture from a block of massive wood. The type of wood can be customized by you: walnut, palisandre, olive tree, mahogany, ebony… there are many options available on request.

Our choice of books also includes Large photobook with many soft pages and linen binding printed in Netherlands and small Moleskine photobook printed in New Zealand. They all have their own wooden boxes. We would like to show you the samples of a photo books and boxes!

We would love to take time to Skype or meet you personally and to learn more about your wedding plans. If you have any questions please email, call or Skype us!

P. S.: After the wedding we will gladly visualize and capture any other important milestones of your life: a child’s first smile, his first tooth, first wedding anniversary, golden wedding … and everything in between. These priceless memories are not part of the wedding photography package but can become the cornerstone of our mutual cooperation and trust that will last a long time after the wedding day.


Just finished watching all photos and videos and it’s more then we ever hoped for. The quality is phenomenal; your performance is spectacular. We love every single picture and every second of the videos. We wanna thank you very very much for your great work and for being that nice guys we really enjoyed to get to know. Super Music choice of Peter for the Videos. We cried thousand and thousands of tears cause you can feel the love in every Photo and Video. I will show the stuff around and hope that I can get you guys more bookings cause your work is worth every cent.

Jurgen K., August 2017, Germany

We have to say we are just stunned due to your extraordinary work! Really, really fascinating and marvelous. We are soooo happy and excited! Thank you very, very much.

You guys should go to Hollywood!! The next Oscar will go to Slovenia for sure!! But also the pics, only one word has jumped into our minds – Pulitzer Price – unbelievable work as well!
We will definitely recommend you to our Friends and and relatives until you are as famous as Steven Spielberg!

Helene H., June 2017, Austria

It looks amazing – I really love it! Philipp and I both are really happy with your work!

Now we both can show this memorable day to our grandparents who couldn’t attend the wedding. Thank you again for making this wonderful film!

Ino S., August 2017, Japan

You did a great job!!! Everybody was very impressed with the quality of photographs and videos – all the way to Canada. So thank you for the wonderful job – I really appreciate your professionalism!

Olga T., May 2017, Brazil

You create stories. We are here to capture them.




Marko Banjac

By nature, I am a storyteller, but somehow I prefer the moment over the narration. I enjoy things that can be seen only with the corner of the eye and not directly. I prefer making silent photos as opposite to loud and flashy ones. I’m looking for fragile and delicate moments of delightful impermanence, a dance of figures between light and shadows. I see life in the smallest of forms.

My inspirations include old painters like Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Vermeer… and the way they saw light and form - especially very pronounced chiaroscuro, with violent contrasts of light and dark. I also very much like impressionism with its blurred reality and film noir with its passion and dramatic lighting and its grain. Another major influence on my work is Japan in its many forms. I am generally quite a fan of classical composition and I enjoy immensely photographing groups of people and the way they interact. My composition might not be the most attractive on first sight, but I feel it is truly timeless.

The world for me is a distant country. In it, I’m seeking out that which is beautiful, yet not immediately obvious. Sometimes, to see the beauty I have to plan, make a trip, be patient, and have to wait for it to appear. And sometimes this journey is your special day: I am truly honored when you allow me to be there, to witness your life.

Sometimes I could watch the stars all night, as I live in a place of great magic.

Peter Brne

I reside in Ilirska Bistrica, where I live with my lovely wife and two young girls. My astrological sign is Virgo, which means that I am precise, but also creative ☺. I like chemistry, where I achieved a PhD and I am the author of several patents and scientific papers. My hobby is sport: I trained cycling for many years; I love ultra distance running, but what I enjoy the most is rock climbing - it truly blows my mind! I love to travel to faraway places where I get to know people's lives and through their eyes I experience a country that is their home. I am quiet inside.

As long as I can remember, I loved the canvas and paint, touch of clay, the language of still images and cinema. When I create, I'm feeling right at home, I'm a different person, a better person; my inner worlds get new dimensions. I am very happy when I am able to witness a beautiful moment and record it with the camera. The image on the disc will last for years and years, reminding you of the sensations and emotions on the most beautiful day of your life.

I do not shoot with my camera; I shoot with my heart.


Cell/Whatsapp: +38640121799
Skype: darko999, petbrn